Vitrolab is a leader in providing laboratory solutions for various applications in Africa. With over 15 years combined experience of the founders, we have built a network of quality and affordable products from esteemed manufacturers around the world. We aim to provide tailor-made quality and affordable solutions to our customers helping them achieve accurate results.


Vitrolab offers medical equipment for infection control, patient monitoring, respiratory support, emergency support equipment, and homecare. We have well-trained personnel that assists customers in choosing the right equipment for their application. We pride ourselves in offering customers after-sales support on every piece of equipment we supply.


In partnership with some of the world leaders in automation and instrumentation, Vitrolab offers turnkey solutions in liquid analysis and measurements, water purification systems, dosing, and metering systems. We provide solutions to the following industries; food and beverage, water and wastewater, power generation, mining, and agriculture.

Industries we serve

Academic and Research
Water and Waste Water
Food and Beverage
Power Generation

Who we are

Since its foundation in 2016, Vitrolab has always been a dynamic, global company with vast experience in the laboratory, healthcare, and industrial instrumentation solutions. We are passionate about helping our customers attain their set goals; we apply our skilled insights, creative inventions, and relevant solutions that offer the best way forward.

Partners & Affiliates

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