Forensic Laboratory

Storage Cabinets

Drugkeeper storage cabinets can be used for short-term storage of hazardous chemicals and substances typically associated with drug investigations.
The filters utilized in these cabinets are specially formulated to minimize the health and environmental risks associated with handling chemical vapors and residues, VOCs, and other materials associated with methamphetamine production.
The cabinets incorporate open wire shelves to accommodate customizable storage and easy cleanup. Access to the prefilter is also available from the interior.

Safeswab Swab Drying Cabinets

The Safeswab is a special purpose evidence drying cabinet designed to safely dry swabs used to gather blood, DNA and trace chemical evidence at crime scenes.
Horizontal airflow geometry.
Effective protection to personnel from particulate hazards. Controlled airflow to dry items of evidence in the cabinet.
Lockable doors for security.
Safe and easy to change HEP/ULPA filters.

Fingerprint Development Chamber

The professionally designed automatic development chamber eliminates reliance on do-it-yourself systems that lack user-safety allowances and controls needed for repeatable results.
To change between profiles required only the press of a few buttons on an easy to use LED display. The chamber features rapid condition recovery following a door opening.
The wide temperature and humidity range allows fingerprints to be processed in a matter of minutes - not days like some conventional methods.

Evidence Benches

he Evidence-Benchâ„¢ series of laboratory work tables are designed specifically for high volume processing of forensic evidence by multiple users. Professional design and construction features offer convenience during use, cleaning, and maintenanc
Kraft paper dispenser Evidence Bench mobil fornsic processing station
Lockable storage compartments to secure tools Open storage shelf
Wheels allowing the bench to be moved throughout the building wherever processing needs to take place. Optional airflow pod

Ductless Downflow Workstations

Downflow Workstations are high efficiency ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. Unrestricted front and side access to the ductless workstation facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement, while downward airflow in the chamber protects the operator.
Available in 3 standard sizes, in metal or polypropylene construction, totaling 6 models.
Wider units, comprising two or more workstations can be positioned side-by-side with junction connections option.

Evidence Transporters

The Evidence Transporter® is a special purpose basic evidence transporter and storage cabinet designed to maintain the chain of custody in transport from the field to the laboratory, while allowing effective air-drying prior to evidence processing.
No positive airflow
Fabric withstands decontamination with standard bleach solution to eliminate blood-borne pathogens and DNA cross-contamination.
Cabinet includes plastic hangers, a plastic zipper designed for tamperproof seals, hanging rod, push handle, locking wheels, evidence tray and biological hazard warning label.


Laboratory Fuming Chamber uses cyanoacrylate fuming for latent print development on various surfaces.
Heating Elements: Multiple heating elements, operating independently or simultaneously, allow for safe accelerated cyanoacrylate development of latent prints.
Purair Basic lab fume hood features BLC - 6.5 and BLC - EX
Door: The heater elements are self-limited for precise surface temperatures and a large clear front door panel allows for close monitoring of latent print development.
Inlet Ports: Two inlet ports will accommodate accessories such as the optional Fume Extractor, portable humidifier, and standard fuming wands.

Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinets

Safekeeper series forensic evidence drying cabinets are designed to store, dry or otherwise process forensic evidence in the controlled environment of a tamper resistant compartment to maintain the chain of custody.
General Purpose Safekeeper cabinets are available in bench/desktop and floor-standing models. Select models are available with two, three or four independent drying chambers, each with its own filtration and control system.