Forensic Laboratory Equipment

Ductless Fume Hood for Mail Screening Safety

The Purair SafeSEARCH is a negative pressure containment system, or ductless fume hood. Negative pressure flow pulls particulates away from the handler while drawing air into the work surface and through the Multiplex™ filter. The Multiplex combines a broad spectrum, general purpose carbon filter with a HEPA/ULPA filter to capture drugs, chemical vapors, and other particulates with greater than 99.999% efficiency.

Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinets

Safekeeper series forensic evidence drying cabinets are designed to store, dry or otherwise process forensic evidence in the controlled environment of a tamper resistant compartment to maintain the chain

Drugkeeper Storage Cabinets

Drugkeeper storage cabinets can be used for short-term storage of hazardous chemicals and substances typically associated with drug investigations. The filters utilized in these cabinets are specially formulated to minimize the health and environmental risks associated with handling chemical vapors and residues, VOCs, and other materials associated with methamphetamine production. The cabinets incorporate open wire shelves to accommodate customizable storage and easy cleanup. Access to the prefilter is also available from the interior.

Safeswab Swab Drying Cabinets

With HEPA main filter formulated to contain any particulates or biological material that might be present on swabs, Safeswab is used to safely dry evidence swabs while protecting them from cross-contamination.

Automatic Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

Safefume™ cyanoacrylate fuming chambers are designed to safely develop latent fingerprints using ethyl cyanoacrylate (CNA) vapor in a controlled environment for optimum effectiveness and safety where moisture and fuming time are critical factors. The tamper resistant compartment helps maintain the chain of custody. The unique Air Science® Multiplex™ filtration system, together with professional design and unique cons

360 Automatic Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers

The Air Science Safefume 360 automatic cyanoacrylate fuming chambers safely and automatically develop latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces using the proven technique of exposure to ethyl cyanoacrylate vapor. Evidence is positioned in the chamber with a flexible system of hanging rods and shelves. A fully automatic system controls and monitors the process.

DFO and Ninhydrin Fingerprint Development Chamber

Safedevelop Fingerprint Development Chambers are designed to accelerate the processing of latent finger-prints on porous surfaces using DFO, Ninhydrin, and other development chemicals within a controlled environment for optimum effectiveness where moisture, temperature, and time are critical factors.

Ductless Downflow Workstations

DWS Downflow Workstations are high efficiency ductless fume hoods designed to protect the user and the environment from hazardous vapors generated on the work surface. Unrestricted front and side access to the ductless workstation facilitates applications requiring complex and intensive operator involvement, while downward airflow in the chamber protects the operator.

UV-Box Benchtop Decontamination Chambers

The UV-Box is a high-efficiency chamber designed to safely decontaminate contents while providing a safe work environment for the operator. High intensity UV lamps are positioned within the cabinet producing short wave ultraviolet light at 254nm to destroy exposed surface DNA and bacteria, leaving evidence free of contamination prior to other forensic tests, analysis or procedures.

Fume Chamber

The Air Science Laboratory Fuming Chamber uses cyanoacrylate fuming for latent print development on various surfaces. The Fuming Chamber incorporates the Air Science Fume Extraction unit to safely purge the cyanoacrylate when the printing cycle is complete.

Mobile Forensic Evidence Benches

The Evidence-Bench™ series of laboratory work tables are designed specifically for high volume processing of forensic evidence by multiple users. Professional design and construction features offer convenience during use, cleaning, and maintenance.

Mobile Evidence Transporters

The Evidence Transporter® is a special purpose basic evidence transporter and storage cabinet designed to maintain the chain of custody in transport from the field to the laboratory, while allowing effective air-drying prior to evidence processing. This mobile unit is highly moveable, utilizing a lightweight PVC frame with Texilene mesh fabric to conceal unsightly evidence from display. The unit can be quickly knocked down for storage or transport and all materials are easily cleaned with conventional detergents.

Automated Blood Cell Counters

Celltac G MEK-9100K

Celltac G’s fully-automated random access walk away loading system enables up to 90 tests per hour by just continuously inserting the color-coded racks on the system.

Celltac Es MEK-7300K

The twin diluting nozzle system prevents from cross contamination between RBC & WBC . The Celltac Es offers an automatic clog removal, that removes blood proteins and dust particles from the aperture by a high voltage electrical pulse after each measurement.

Celltac Alpha MEK-6500K

The Celltac range is fully automatic in a true sense. The highlight is the automatic clog removal: a high voltage pulse passes through the aperture to remove possible clogs of proteins and lipids providing durability in result precision.

Celltac Alpha VET MEK-6550

Fully automatic cleaning and priming ensure that the analyzer is always ready to use. MEK-6550J/K provides you with immediate results to support quick clinical decisions.Automatic clog removal after every measurement,sample nozzle cleaning after every measurement,priming and cleaning at power on and fluid path cleaning at power off.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Celltac Chemi CHM-4100K

Integration with the Celltac hematology analyzer,HbA1c and CRP measurement with one EDTA whole blood tube, Efficient workflow with unique cell-based reagent, Highly reliable HbA1c data certified by NGSP and correlated with HPLC, CRP measurement with a wider measuring range